8 / 10 Overall Score
  • Very rigid, this board is 2” thicker than most other boards
  • 2-year Manufacturer Warranty on the board
  • Very good traction with its 3 fins
  • Very comfortable to stand on traction pad
  • Hand handle in the middle of the board
  • Cons
  • The package doesn’t include a backpack
  • The paddle doesn’t float
  • No D-Rings on deck for a bungee system to hold gear
  • The 2 inflatable fins can take awhile to straighten out
  • No leash is included with the board
  • Our first peek at Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable 9'10” SUP Packages



    Measurements: Length 9'10” with a maximum width of 32” and height/thickness of 6”!

    Weight: Its weights about 24 Lbs

    Maximum Load: 350 Lbs or 160 kgs.

    Features: One of the most stable boards we have been on with its thickness  of 6”, the board has 2 attached fins and one large removable fin when paddling in flat waters to increase tracking

    What is included in the package: You will find in this package stand up pump with a gauge, a 3 piece fiberglass paddle, a repair kit and a roll-up carrying strap to hold your rolled board.

    Best for: Starters and Older kids who are too big for kid-specific paddle boards, its also love by those who practice Yoga thanks to how stable the board is.

    Tower Adventurer Inflatable Paddle Board

    Why does the name Tower Paddle Boards sound so familiar?

    If the name Tower Paddle Boards sounds familiar is because its one of the more popular brands being the first brand to skip the traditional selling channel and bringing the board from manufacturing directly into the consumer's hands. It’s also appeared on the world widely watched business show Shark Tank. The company was featured in season 3 episode 9 and got an investment from Mark Cuban for $150'000 for 30%.

    Let’s get on Tower’s Adventurer Inflatable 9'10” Stand Up Paddle Board

    The board is made with the idea to give it the same stability and stiffness of traditional poxy solid paddles board but while still being an inflatable board. The technology used for the construction of this board is very familiar with the construction method used for the famously known Zodiak boats.Tower Adventurer Inflatable Paddle Board SUP

    The board is made out of Military-grade PVC with top-notch drop-stitching construction for exterior strength so you won’t have to worry about punctures or dings.

    Once the paddle board is inflated the board measures 9'10” in length by 32” wide with a thickness of 6” and weighs about 24 Lbs.

    As soon as we were done inflating the board we can see and feel the difference. The board feels a lot more solid than some of the other boards we have been able to review. They really did a good job giving the board the same feel as a solid board. The other thing we noticed right away is how thicker the board with its 1-2 extra inches from other boards.

    Looking at the board I personally think the board is a looker but not everyone agreed with me, hinting that it's a bit boring and missing of colors and imagination.

    We love the diamond grooved deck pad it feels like its made from high-quality material and its super comfortable to stand on, on the water it felt very grippy and secure under your feet while paddling. In the center of the board, there is a very useful handle that can be used to carry the board or to hold on while on the board. Some of the younger paddlers even used it to hoist themselves up on the board after falling off.Tower Adventurer Inflatable Paddle Board

    On the deck, you will find two D-rings one on the nose for towing and another at the tail for your leash which is not included with the board but we can recommend a coiled leash like the ones sold by Own the Wave.

    There are no additional D-rings to be able to attach a bungee cord system to secure your gear on the deck which is pretty standard now a day. This might be or might not be a big deal for some of us but if you read our Tips & Tricks at the bottom of the page you will see there are solutions to this miss.

    The board has in total 3 fins, 2 small side fins which are attached to the board and one large middle detachable fin. You can use the 2 smaller fins while light surfing or river paddling, the larger fin is best used when paddling on flat surfaces of water for that extra tracking.

    The larger fin is attached with the use of a hexagon screw, which once installed correctly does secure the fin tightly but compared to other boards this method seems a bit unpractical and outdated. We especially didn’t like the fact that we had to keep on eye on a small part that we did manage to lose for a couple minutes while setting up.

    Tower Adventurer Pump

    The pump included with the package is your basic foot pump with a PSI gauge. It took us quite awhile to get the board inflated to the suggested 11 PSI and initially we thought the PSI gauge was not working on our pump because it wasn’t responding.


    This wasn’t the case, the gauge will only start reading once you get close to having inflated the board with 9-10 PSI. The other thing we noticed was that the overall quality of the pump was far inferior to the board itself and doesn’t seem like it would last very long. So if you are going to frequently inflate your board we recommend purchasing another pump, maybe an electronic SUP pump like the Sevylor 12V 15-PSI SUP and Water Sport Pump made by Coleman. You can’t beat the value you get for little money.


    Included in the package you will also find a 3 piece adjustable fiberglass paddle.          The paddle can be adjusted from 65” to 85” and taking it apart will reduce the paddle in 3 pieces with a length of about 34.5” each which great is for transporting. The paddle feels like high quality and has many features like rubber edges around the paddle and a comfortable textured ABS grip handle. Its also very light compared some of the other paddles that have been included with the inflatable paddle boards.Tower Adventurer Paddle

    Does this paddle pass the sink test? Not really, it does float for a few minutes until it starts filling up with water and starts sinking upright.

    Tower Adventurer Inflatable Paddle Board

    The Tower Paddle Board Adventurer package does not include a bag to carry the board but only a roll-up carrying strap which to be honest is a bit of a pain because instead of carrying one backpack with everything in it like other board packages you need to carry 3 separate pieces of equipment and don’t forget to bring and keep in a safe place the hexagon screw for your fin.



    We are very impressed with the quality and construction of the board, the design and color of the board might be a bit too one dimensional for some of the younger crowd but some of its features will make you forget about it. The stability of the Tower Adventurer Paddle Board was also something that impressed us a lot, being only 9'10” it performed just like a solid and longer paddle board.

    We love the diamond grooved traction pad on the deck, it's very comfortable to stand on and you feel secure while paddling around. The handle on the middle of the deck is also a very practical feature when carrying the board inflated and to hoist yourself back on the board.

    It comes with a 2-Year Manufacturers Warranty on the board which covers everything outside of normal wear and tear but does not include the paddle or the accessories.

    Performance wise taking a first look at the board it gives you the impression of being sluggish this is because of the added 1-2” thickness that gives you that illusion. But once on the water it glided on water very smoothly and had very good tracking with the larger fin installed. Remember this is not a racing inflatable board but more of a cruiser.

    The tough and high-quality material the Tower Adventurer Inflatable Paddle Board is made of means it can take a bit of abuse making it a great board for beginners and also for older kids that are starting out or have outgrown the kid's paddle boards. We even had a few of our Yoga enthusiast try out some poses (not a Yoga expert, my apologies if I am using the wrong lingo) on the board and they were happy with the stability and the grip the deck pad provided.

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    Tips & Tricks:

    There are few accessories and features that are not included with this board which if you do decide to purchase this board you should order with and others which are less necessary but nevertheless a good addition to the enjoyment of your board.

    First things first the leash is a must! Leashes can save your life! You should be always wearing a leash no matter how good the conditions are, things tend to change. It will give you an extra layer of protection in case something should happen and it will also protect others from if your board was to break loose.

    We recommend for cruising and light surfing going for a coiled leash that doesn’t drag in the water like the one sold by Own the Wave which is made of heavy-duty material and is extremely comfortable. You can find the leash in two different bundles one with a waterproof wallet and the other without.

    Another accessory that we recommend to make your life easier when transporting the Tower Adventurer paddle board is a backpack that you can carry your board, the paddle and the pump with somewhere safe to store that hexagon screw for the fin.

    If you are brand loyal Tower does sell its own backpack which is big enough to carry everything you need but is a bit pricey for our taste. Another option is the premium backpack made by BPS, its big enough to easily fit your Tower board, it has an internal pocket to carry your paddle and still enough room for the pump. You can choose between two different models, one that includes an additional external pocket on the back or one with bungee laces instead. Best of all you can find it at half the price of the Tower branded backpack.

    The last thing we think is worthwhile looking into is to bungee your deck with a kit like the one by NSI, this set includes 4 D-ring patches that are easily attached with its high bond adhesive back and a bungee cord.