7 / 10 Overall Score
  • Made specifically for smaller paddlers and is great for kids
  • All 3 fins are removable
  • Easy to maneuver and very stable
  • Cons
  • No bag to carry board
  • Pricey with a limited bundle
  • Spec’s:

    Measurements: Length 8’ with a maximum width of 30” and height/thickness of 4”

    Weight: It weighs about 27 Lbs.

    Maximum Load: 140 Lbs.

    What’s included in the package? This bundle isn’t as complete as others, but it does include a three-piece paddle lightweight aluminum paddle, a manual hand stand pump with a gauge. nylon roll-up strap and a repair kit. It also comes with two nylon fins and one center fin that are detachable.

    Who is this board best for? Kids and smaller paddlers that would have difficulty maneuvering some of the larger paddle boards.


    Let’s Inflate our Ten Toes 8' Nano Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board!

    It took us about 9 minutes to get this board inflated to the recommended 15 PSI and the three detachable fins attached. Inflated the board is 8 feet tall with a width of 30 inches and a thickness of 4 inches and a weight of 24 Lbs.

    Ten Toes Nano Inflatable Paddle Board

    The board feels very stiff and sturdy, its short length and 30 inches of width will make this board very sturdy on the water making it great for beginners and kids.

    The board is made super heavy-duty military grade PVC using dropstitch technology making it very strong and resistant.

    You will be able to find this board in two different colors Blush Pink or Green with a design that is a bit more reserved than other boards we have reviewed.

    Ten Toes Nano Side by Side

    On deck you will find a tail D-ring to attach your leash and a four-way bungee system at the nose to secure your gear while you're on the water. The foam deck is made out of comfortable and slip resistance EVA textured foam with a carry handle in the center of it.

    On the bottom you will find three fin boxes to insert the three detachable nylons fins included with the bundle. The process was quite easy but a little force was need when inserting one of the fins in the box. Once inserted just use the plastic screw attached to all three fins to secure them. By the inflate the board before inserting the fins so that you don’t risk damaging it.

    All the stand up pump needed for us to start pumping was screwing in the gauge and connecting hose to the pump and board. A little over halfway through pumping the board the gauge (10 PSI) started reading which is very common with the pumps included with the boards. The pump is functional and gets the job done but if you are going to be inflating and deflating your board on a weekly basis and maybe you have multiple boards to inflate we then recommend that you get an electric SUP pump like the Sevylor 12V 15-PSI SUP and Water Sport Pump made by Coleman. It will save you alot of time and back pain 🙂

    The paddle is three-piece adjustable aluminum paddle that can extend to almost 9 feet and stored measures about 3 feet. This seems to be common with alot of the paddle board bundle we reviewed where the quality goes into the board and little into the paddle. You will be fine for awhile but I think this will be one of the first item you will see yourself replacing. For a paddle that is kid-specific and can take all the abuse, your kid will put a paddle through and floats we always recommend one’s made by Super Paddles.

    Ten Toes Nano Paddle

    This bundle doesn’t include a bag to store and carry your board and its accessories nor does it include a leash which is some of the weak points of this bundle.

    The one accessory that you need to purchase no matter what is a leash, leashes are made to keep your board near you and can save your life in case weather conditions change or you should be able to paddle anymore. Also its protects other from breaking loose boards that could result into injuries.

    We suggest getting a coiled leash so that your leash is not dragging in the water behind you, Ten Toes does sell leashes but we are not familiar with them and our go to brand as always been Own the Wave which are made from heavy-duty material and are extremely comfortable. They come in two different bundles one including a waterproof wallet in case you wanted to store well your wallet or phone and the other without.

    Ten Toes does sell a backpack that is large enough to fit the board and all the accessories included with this bundle another very good bag that we use ourselves is BPS Premium universal iSUP bag.

    Ten Toes Nano Folded

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    The quality and built of this board is very good, specifically made smaller to make easier to paddle and maneuver for smaller and younger paddlers. Inflated the board is very stiff and sturdy giving it the feel of a solid paddle board. On the water the board was very stable and tracked really well thanks to the 3-way fins.

    This bundle isn’t complete as other bundles and requires additional accessories to be complete like a bag to carry your board and a leash to keep the board at your side.