9.5 / 10 Overall Score
  • Four different colors to pick from with color coordinate accessories
  • Complete Bundle with improved accessories
  • Increased Bungee Area
  • Very Light
  • Very thick for extra stability
  • Cons
  • Paddle doesn't float
  • We couldn't wait to get our hands on this board!

    This is SereneLife’s newest paddle board and we got to tell you we are excited to review this one, their previous model SereneLife SLSUPB10 was introduced summer of 2017 and it was our overall favorite ticking the box for being an all you need bundle, its features, and its price.

    So let’s start digging into the specifics of this new board:

    Measurements: Length 10.5 feet with a maximum width of 30 inches and height/thickness of 6 inches

    Weight of board: 19.6 Lbs.

    Maximum Load: 275 Lbs

    What comes with the board? Well everything and more just like their previous model SereneLife SLSUPB10 but in addition to the repair kit, coiled leash, carrying bag pack you will find a new and improved aluminum paddle, foot pump and two air nozzles.

    Who is this board for: SereneLife again made a board that is suitable for everyone, from youngsters to adults with different activities in mind like cruising on lakes, rivers or oceans or for more adventurous activities like yoga, surfing or even fishing.

    What do we think of SereneLife new board?

    The board as a completely new design compare to the previous model and we love it! Not only does it look great you can now pick from four different colors, Aqua, Blue, Orange and Pink. Our favorite was Orange but the Pink board received alot of attention being one of the few Pink boards on the market and the pink shade they have chosen looks great on the water.

    SereneLife Premium Inflatable Stand Up Board All Colors

    Like the previous board, its very well built with a dual layer of high-quality PVC to protect the board from the outdoor elements and its inner drop-stitch technology keeps the board firm and in shape.

    The traction pad this time is a bit smaller than the previous model and only covering about 40% which is standard with other paddle boards. With the previous model covered 60% which was something we enjoyed when having an extra passenger on the board like our kids or even our dog on but also when performing Yoga. The pad as the same soft grippy texture as the previous model that feels great on the water with a carrying handle in the middle of it to ease the carrying of the board.

     The smaller traction pad allowed for the D-rings with the bungee system to move down on the board which made for a positive larger area to store your gear. The previous model had this system practically on the nose which made the storage area smaller and also the board at time difficult to maneuver because of the weight on the nose when loading heavier cargo.

    SereneLife Premium Inflatable Stand Up Board Orange Detail

    Also on the side and corners of the traction pad, you will also find like the previous model the four smaller d-rings that will allow you to attach securely a seat which is great when you want to do things like fishing or use your paddleboard like a Kayak. The seat is not part of the bundle but you can order it separately from SereneLife and their seat is very easy to set up and super comfortable.

    Under the board you will find a three fin setup like the previous board with the two lateral fins part of the board and the main center fin detachable. This time we didn’t have any issues with the side fins being bent and needing a little help to straighten them out with the heat of the sun or a blow dryer. The main fin slides in and is locked in place with the plastic clip that is attached to the fin.

    In this bundle, the main fin is a plain black while with the previous model the fin had a cool graphic design on it but again the fin is meant to be under the water so no big deal here.

    Detail Fins SereneLife Premium Paddle BoardOverview SereneLife Premium Paddle Board Accessories Detail

    The bundle comes like before with a foot pump, the pump is slightly different with folding feet making it a bit slimmer when packing it in the backpack. It took a bit longer then the previous 7 minutes to get the board to its recommended 15 PSI and to be honest the last couple PSI can be quite a workout and we highly recommend to get an electric pump if you are planning to inflate and deflate your paddleboard multiple times. It will save you a lot of time and extend your boards life by applying the precise pressure and in case you select our recommended electric pump the Sevylor SUP and Water Sport Electric Pump, 12V, 15-PSI it will automatically shut off once the selected pressure is reached making it totally hands off. 

    Overview SereneLife Premium Paddle Board Accessories Pump

    Another item in this bundle that has been updated is the paddle which just like the backpack it matches with the color of the paddle board. Its also now a 3 piece paddle instead of the previous 2 pieces making it a lot more compact to store. Other upgrades are a better locking mechanism with a clamping system instead of the previous turn and tighten and measure markers on the tube so that you can easily remember and set up your necessary height. The paddle does float for a little bit until it starts taking on water so don’t leave your paddle unattended.

    SereneLife Premium Inflatable Stand Up Board Paddle Color Paddles

    The coiled leash seems exactly the same as the previous board and can easily be attached to the D-ring at the tail of the board. With the previous model after a few months of use, we noticed the Velcro of the leash not hooking very well anymore and the ankle strap becoming a bit rough around our ankle.

    The paddle and the coiled leash were the only two items we upgraded on the previous model with higher quality products likes the BPS Adjustable 3-Piece Alloy SUP Paddle which floats due to its foam insert and Own the Wave Coiled Premium Body Board Leash which is super comfortable and the Velcro is still holding strong. 

    The last two items in the bundle are the backpack and the repair kit. So far on either boards we haven’t had the need to use the repair kit but it includes a couple sheets of PVC and the valve wrench in case you need to remove the valve for cleaning or replacing.

    The backpack as also been upgraded and is much nicer than the previous one, it also matches with the colors of your board and everything fits nicely in it. Because the backpack is narrow the shoulder straps are very close together making it at times for some of the broader shoulder folks out there a challenge to put on. 

    SereneLife Premium Inflatable Stand Up Board Backpack Colors

    Now let’s finally get it into the water! 

    When pumped to the recommended 15 PSI the board feels very stable on the water and the traction pad is very grippy helping you stay planted when paddling. The width of the board is a good compromise between performance and stability. It's not the widest of boards which can make it a bit wobbly when you a put your weight around the edges when turning around but it was still stable enough to allow you to perform yoga on it. The board has good traction on the water and performs well for its size. Again this is more of an all-rounder board that allows you to do a lot different activities at are more laid pace back like yoga, fishing or just cruising with family and friends so expect it to be more stable then quick on the water.


    We are very happy with the second inflatable paddle board that SereneLife as brought us. The new graphics and color schemes are a huge improvement to the previous model and we love the color coordination between the board, paddle and backpack. They also made the new bundle better improving items like the paddle and the backpack. This board was made to have fun and get you into the water as quick and as easily possible.

    When comparing the value of the bundle versus the price you still can’t beat SereneLife new Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.