9 / 10 Overall Score
  • Bundle includes absolutely everything you need!
  • Very Light
  • Very thick for extra stability
  • 3 Fins for great tracking
  • Carry Handle
  • Great Value
  • Cons
  • Bungee Area Small
  • Fin attachment weak
  • Might be too Narrow for some
  • Let’s take a look at SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board


    Measurements: Length 10’ with a maximum width of 30” and height/thickness of 6”

    Weight: It weighs about 19.6 Lbs, the lightest full size stand up paddle board we have tested.

    Maximum Load: 275 Lbs.

    What’s included in the package? Well, everything is included in the package from the leash to a repair kit. Most of the other boards we have test didn’t include a coiled leash but with the SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board you get a hand stand up pump with gauge, a floating paddle, a backpack, a repair kit and a coiled ankle leash.

    Who is this board best for? Beginners and older kids who have outgrown the kids specific made paddles boards.


    How does the SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board feel?

    This board is available in two different colors Marine Blue SLSUPB10 or Olive Green SLSUPB20 which is actually more of a marine green than olive. Both color combinations are very stylish and look good on water, we did prefer the Olive Green board but that is just our taste and both are exactly the same except for the color scheme.

    SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Blue & Olive Green Side by Side

    The construction of the board is made of very good high grade reinforced PVC and once inflated the board feels very stable and stiff thanks to its 6” height. It also felt much lighter than some of the other boards we have tested in the past.

    The traction pad covers most of the board except for the front end where the bungee system is and the tail where the air valve and a D-ring for the leash are located. The traction pad feels very soft but still grippy enough to give you the stability you need while paddling. Also on the deck, you will find another D-ring at the nose for towing and carry handle in the middle for carrying your board but is also great to hold on to if you have passengers or to help you get back on the board.

    On the bottom of the board, you will find 2 small side fins which are part of the board and a large fin box for the detectable fin. Due to how tightly packed the board arrives the attached side fins might have a slight bent causing the board to track a bit sideways onside. This can be fixed by either leaving the board in the sun or using a blow dryer to warm up the fin and gently straightening it out. The large detachable fin was easily inserted into the fin box and secure with the use of a plastic clip which is attached to the fin. Some suggestions that were given to us was to replace or use a second “leash” for the fin and clip as the nylon cord can easily get undone and isn’t very strong.

    SereneLife SUP Dettachable Fin

    The pump included with the package is your basic but functional hand pump with a gauge. It took us about 7 minutes to inflate the board to 15 PSI, you won’t get much response from the pump gauge until you get close to the 11-12 PSI range so don’t worry if you don’t get any beforehand.

    SereneLife Inflatable Paddle Board Hand Pump

    If you are going to be frequently pumping and deflating the board to be able to store it we recommend you look into purchasing an electronic SUP pump Sevylor 12V 15-PSI SUP and Water Sport Pump made by Coleman. You can’t beat the time you will save for little money you will spend.

    In the package is also a 3 piece adjustable paddle, very basic but gets the job done and does float for a little bit so you don’t have to worry about it sinking to the bottom right away. Along with the paddle, you will also find a repair kit which is also useful to have and very seldom included with inflatable boards. Hopefully, you won’t have to use it as the board seems well constructed and can take a few hits.

    A coiled leash is also included with the board making it the first board that we reviewed which includes really everything you need to get into the water safely. We also liked the fact that it was coiled so it doesn’t drag behind you in the water.

    The SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board includes as well a one strap carrying bag that we tried to fit all of the items in it but we didn’t want to test our luck with the zippers and ended up fitting everything but the paddle and pump.

    SereneLife Accessories


    We think its a great combination, you get a great looking and high-quality board with the option of two different color schemes. A package that for once really contains everything you need. You could literally get the board sent to a waterfront and unpack and get ready to hit the water.

    With a price just above $300, it makes it one of our more attractive boards and perfect for beginners or kids transitioning away from a kid's inflatable board. At that price, this could be very well your secondary board.

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     Tips & Tricks:

    The SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board really includes everything you need to get you in the water. With these few tips you will be able to continue to enjoy your board over and over again.

    As written in the review we are afraid that the leash for the center fin and the plastic clip isn’t strong enough or tied correctly and we suggest you replace it with a strong nylon cord or just double up on the already existing leash. doing so will reduce the chances that you lose either or.

    If you find the board tracking sideways a bit check the two side fins that are part of the board. When first using the board and after long storage, the fins tend to bend with how the board is rolled up. To fix the issue you can let the heat from the sun heat up the fins so that you can bend them back gently or use a hairdryer to gently warm up the fins and bend them back into place.

    The other suggestion is that if you are going to deflate your board after every use for storage or transportation purposes and you use your board weekly is to get an electronic pump. We always recommend Sevylor 12V 15-PSI SUP and Water Sport Pump made by Coleman which gives you the biggest bang for your buck.