9 / 10 Overall Score
  • Amazing price - under $400
  • Great Bundle
  • Very good beginners board
  • Quickly and easily inflates
  • Comfortable deck
  • Good storage with a 2 way bungee
  • Folds nicely back into the bag
  • 1-year Limited Warranty on material and workmanship
  • Cons
  • No leash included
  • Paddle only floats for a few seconds
  • Weight capacity is low
  • Tracking is a bit lacking
  • Let’s take a quick glance at the PathFinder P73 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board


    Measurements: Length 9’ 9” with a maximum width of 30" and height/thickness of 5"

    Weight: Its weights about 35 Lbs.

    Maximum Load: 240 Lbs.

    Features: Available in 2 colors Orange or Blue, Large cushioned deck pad with a 2-way bungee to secure your gear

    What is included: A backpack to carry the board, a nice stand-up pump with gauge and an adjustable aluminum paddle. No leash unfortunately 🙁

    Best for: Starters and Older kids who are too big for kid-specific paddle boards.

    What about the company PathFinder?

    PathFinder is actually a sub-brand that is part of the Vilano Bikes company, which also produces it's on brand of inflatable paddle boards. So why the new brand you ask? Well its mainly to be able to create diversity in the market and allowing to create new brand/product line with different price points and package variations.

    Now let’s take a deeper look into PathFinder’s P73 iSUP

    You have the choice between an orange or blue board both of which we find to look very good. With it comes basically everything you need to get out of the box and into the water. including stand up pump an adjustable paddle and a backpack to carry it around.

    PathFinder P73 iSUP two colors Blue and Orange

    The board and its features

    The board is made of tough military grade PVC with a strong multi-layer drop stitch and measures 9'9” in length by 30” wide with a thickness of 5” and weighs about 35 Lbs.

    You will find the deck of this board to be both very comfortable with its large cushioned pad and practical with a 2-way bungee tie offering you the possibility to tie and secure your gear like backpacks, fishing gear, and small coolers.

    PathFinder P73 Profile Blue

    It uses a single removable fin which can easily be inserted and removed by pulling and releasing the tension clamp on the back of the board.

    The D-ring at the end of the board easily allows you to attach your leash which strangely enough is not included in this package and will need to be purchased separately.

    With the exception of the leash, everything you need to start paddling is included with the board.

    PathFinder P73

    A simple but functional one-strap carrying backpack with enough space to carry with you the board, paddle and foot pump.


    PathFinder P73 iSUP Paddle

    An adjustable 2 piece aluminum paddle which can be adjusted from 64” to 85”. It does come apart so that you can easily transport it and store it in the backpack and independently of which color your purchase your PathFinder Inflatable paddle board the only color available is orange. We gave the paddle a quick float test but unfortunately, after a few seconds it started taking on water and sink.

    PathFinder P73 Foot Pump GaugePathFinder P73 iSUP Stand Up Pump

    The foot pump is your basic but effective foot pump with a PSI gauge on top. It only took us about 7 minutes to get it inflated to the recommended 15 PSI. But we did notice that sometimes or at least the first couple time it can get tricky to get to tap the plug causing some loss of pressure. The solution was to add 1-2 more PSI so even if you lose a bit of pressure you will still be in the recommended range.

    Now, the only drawback we have with this board and it might not apply to all is its low weight capacity. Myself already being 220 lbs and considering some of the gear I like to take with me I exceed that weight limit. Leaving the cooler of beer behind I was still able to enjoy it, but I noticed the closer I got to that weight limit the more difficult the board was to maneuver and the tracking got worst.

    But if you are looking to purchase this board for an older kid that is either transitioning from a kids board to an adult board or just starting out this board is great or if you are an adult and you don’t see the weight limit being an issue for you this board is a great buy.


    We really like this board, it's a very attractive board that looks great in the water. It’s very affordable making it even more attractive and the accessories included with the PathFinder P73 iSUP are everything you need to get you paddling straight out of the box and having fun.

    The PathFinder P73 Inflatable Paddle Board is well built using high-quality material that if taken care of properly will last. Being an all-arounder board that can be used in a vast range of water conditions it makes it a great board for beginners and older kids that are either starting or transitioning to an adult board.

    It comes with a 1-year Limited Manufacturing warranty that includes material and workmanship.

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    Tips & Tricks:

    As the leash is not included with the PathFinder P73 iSUP at the moment, the first thing we suggest is that if you are going to order this board is to order a leash with it. We recommend a coiled leash (doesn’t drag in the water), Own the Wave makes great paddleboard accessories. We love their leashes that come in multiple colors with the option to also to order the bundle with or without a waterproof wallet.

    Leashes can save your life! They are the most important piece of equipment and keep the board near you at all times. If there is a change in weather or you're tired and exhausted the leash will keep you lifesaving board close by.

    Remember it doesn’t take much more than a slight breeze to have your board travel out and out of your reach when not using a paddle.

    To make your experience with your PathFinder P73 Inflatable stand paddle board even more enjoyable we suggest to swap out the included paddle for an Adjustable Alloy SUP Paddle by Own the Wave which is one of the best paddles we have tested so far. Its a 3 piece SUP Paddle that can be easily transported and this paddle does float so you will never have to worry about losing your paddle.