Get your kids out of the house and into enjoying the great outdoors

Kids Best Paddle Board

There are many terrific reasons why stand up paddling is a great activity to get your kids into. Want them to disconnect for awhile from TV’s, video games and cell phones or anything really that has a screen? A family outing with their own paddleboard could be the remedy.

On their own board they will get the freedom they want but still be out with the family and learn the balancing skills of paddle boarding that will enable them to ultimately to stand on the board and start paddling. It’s also a great outdoor exercise for them to channel their energy and get some fresh air.

What should you look for on a Kids Paddle Board?

Not all paddle boards are created equal! There are many different boards made for different types of activities for different heights and weights. The shape of the board is one of the main elements that determines what kind of paddling you would like to do (surfing, racing, ocean & yoga). But most of the kid's paddles boards and the ones we will review here are made for cruising and light surfing.

Picking the right size:

Kids paddles boards are built specifically around kids smaller and lighter frame. First we will take into consideration their height and weight. You want to look for a board that is no wider than 28-30 inches. The reason for it is that this will allow them to easily get there paddle in the water without hitting the rail of the board every time they try to paddle

Board height wise for kids that weigh in the 50-100 lbs range look for a board with a height of under 10 feet. Taller boards 10 feet and upwards are great for teens and adults.

Kids Paddleboard Profile

Kids Proof:

We all know it, kids love to play rough sometimes so we need something that is durable that they will be able to enjoy outing after outing. What you should be looking for is for boards with protected rails that will protect the board from scratches, dents and dings. Additionally, you should be looking for boards which are reinforced so that they resist the test of time and won’t lose its shape or get wrapped. Inflatable boards which are reinforced will also take the beating of having more than one kid on the board and getting on and jumping off the board.

Which Features to look for?

Board-wise you should be looking for a board that has over-sized traction allowing for more play surface for your kids and even comfortable area for them to lay down if they wanted too.

Another important feature are D-rings with a bungee mounted system on the board allowing them to attach on-deck storage for snacks, water and entertainment like games or speakers.

Other features that might be worth looking into is a kayak seat allowing them to paddle sitting down when they are tired or want to try something different.

For older kids look for boards that allow them to mount a Go-Pro adding another dimension of fun to their paddling experience allowing them to film themselves or take fun snapshots.

When looking for a paddle make sure its made of floating materials like fiberglass, carbon fiber or even lightweight wood paddles. This will be a big plus to the enjoyment factor. No one wants to spend hours diving for a sinking paddle.

Safety! Safety!

Whatever age your kids are or how experienced swimmer they are they should always be wearing a personal floating device (PFD).

You should teach your kids how to properly wear their personal floating device (PDF) and feel comfortable wearing them in the water. Remember a PFD will keep your child afloat but they need to know how to deal with the situation if they fall into the water and how to keep there face-up and out of the water.

How to check if the PFD’s is a good fit for your child is easy. Have your child put on the PFD and ensure it snugly fitted on your child. Now using the shoulder of PDF lift your child up and if the PFD is fitted correctly your child’s chin and ear will not slip through.

Remember just because your child is wearing a PFD doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be supervised or unattended!

Best Kids Paddle Boards

PictureModelTypeLenghtWeight LimitRatingCompactnessIn Depth Review
SereneLife Premium Inflatable BoardSereneLife New Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle BoardInflatable Board10'5"275 Lbs.
125 kgs.
9.5/10Fits in the trunk of Mini CooperFull Review
Pathfinder P73 Inflatable SUPInflatable Board9'9"240 Lbs.
108 Kgs.
8/10Fits in the trunk of Mini CooperFull Review
Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable 9'10" SUP PackageInflatable Board9'10"350 Lbs.
160 Kgs.
7/10Fits in the trunk of Mini CooperFull Review
SerenaLife SLSUPB10Inflatable Board9'11"275 Lbs.
125 kgs.
9/10Fits in the trunk of Mini CooperFull Review
Ten Toes 8' NanoInflatable Board8'120 Lbs.
55 Kgs
6/10Fits in the trunk of Fiat 500Full Review
Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards with Free Premium SUP Accessories & Backpack Overview SmallRoc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards W Free Premium SUP Accessories & BackpackInflatable Board10'5"275 Lbs.7/10Fits in the trunk of Mini CooperFull Review